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 Posted on October 12, 2017      by Neil Warner

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Ireland Emerges from a Dark Place.

 Posted on April 2, 2016      by admin

Over the last seven years of recession in Ireland , we all got on with life despite the misery.
Little did I note that my landscape images were in harmony with the national mood.

Ireland emerges from a Dark place is an on line exhibition of my landscape images shot mainly in the  west of Ireland.

ireland Emerges from a Dark Place

National pride

 Posted on March 17, 2016      by admin

On st Patricks day we had a choice. Stand in the street and watch the parade OR visit Connemara and explore our land. we travelled along the wild Atlantic way along the west coast. We delighted in the views  and the people we met. As the day ended we said goodbye to our journey and looked back to the mountins  from a stop near Mamm Cross. Let’s celebrate the wonderful land we live in, Ireland. 


If you love your childern

 Posted on February 1, 2016      by admin

If you love your children
If you pay tax in Ireland
If you drive a car in Dublin
you should read the article by James Sheehan in the Sunday business Post entitled 20 reasons why the Children’s Hospital should not be at St James.
It shows that a dreadful mistake is about to be made in the provision of a national Children’s Hospital ( at long last) on the campus of St James’s Hospital in Dublin.

There is a much more intelligent, well thought out, well resourced plan put forward by a man who was already built three hospitals in Ireland. Dr Jimmy Sheehan, a wonderful visionary of healthcare in Ireland outlines how millions upon millions of euros will be wasted in providing a substandard hospital in the substandard site all just for political reasons.
When the politicians visit us. Remember the promises are based on our taxes and our spending. Is it not right that they should be sculptured to meet our needs, not political goals.
Have a  look at this video which shows why the hospital should be on a greenfield site close to the M 50 in Dublin and accessible to a national audience.

We were pleased to work with Dr. Sheehan on this project


Time out to think

 Posted on October 10, 2015      by admin

As a busy professional photographer I find that to retain my creativity I must step away from work on a regular basis . For me it is long distance walking and sailing . Each September my wife and I walk a section of the camino in Spain. We walk for between five and seven hours at a time, covering up to 24 km on a leg. Over five or six day we cover 125km. The amazing freedom this gives you is wonderful. It allows you clear out your mind from work and gives you a chance to concider the real values in life. During the rest of the year I sail. A few hours at a time gives you the break you need to get in touch with your head and your heart.

Some how the time you spend away from your business is probably the best business time of the year . To succeed you must be fresh . To be fresh in body and mind , you must invest in yourself .  Your creativity needs room to grow. Return to business then with energy and vigorous. But  minute by minute, 


 life is passing you by. Grab it.

Side by Side

 Posted on October 1, 2015      by admin

It’s great to come back to a full diary. What I love is the variety of the work and the wonderful people I get to work with. Had fun today filming a truck for a logistics company. We were traveling side by side on the m6 . The shoot was like organising a ballet at 80kph. At all times safety was no1 but we got it nailed.  

Depart from your life.

 Posted on September 7, 2015      by admin

  Sometimes you get a chance to exceptional things. We have chosen to walk the Camino de Santiago in Spain. We walk about seven hours a day for a week each September . After the summer and before winter sets in. Why? We do it to strengthen our body and our mind . It gives us time away from the normal things and we get a chance to share each other’s  company and help each other through the difficulties. It gives us a chance to reflect on our real values. The pain of sore legs and blisters feet are as nothing when you think of what we gain. I urge you to depart from your daily life before you depart from your life.

Med In Ireland, You need impact

 Posted on August 25, 2015      by admin


With all the international buyers around at Med In Ireland, it’s vital that the clients you want visit your stand and give you a chance to pitch to them.  It’s equally important that buyers who have no requirement of your service do not take up your time unnecessarily.

Strong visuals give prospective buyers an indication of the services that you offer and the markets that you service.  By eliminating the less than useful contacts and concentrating on the valid prospects you can make the most of your short time at the exhibition and conference.

Networking at an event such as this gives you an opportunity to meet buyers that you ordinarily would not meet.  These new contacts could be vital in extending your sales and your development.

I think this is where we could help you.  We are corporate photographers with the marketing background.  We specialise in the servicing of medical and biomedical companies.  We can create strong, powerful images that you need for your website, your printed material and your stand.

You don’t realise it, but you are probably familiar with our work.  We have provided photography and video’s for some of the most important names in the sector.

We also produce cost efficient video productions specifically aimed for use on websites and at exhibitions such as Med in Ireland.

We are unusual insomuch that we have to major  qualifications in marketing and are specialist corporate photographers.  This combination of skills has helped us penetrate the area of biomed and medical device manufacturer in Ireland.

I would be pleased to travel to meet with you, to show you what we have done for others and to show what we can do for you and your company.

I really would like an opportunity to be of help to you and help you make med in Ireland great success for you and your company.

I would very much value a phone call and my mobile number is 0872596304



Beach days are nearly over

 Posted on August 21, 2015      by admin

The  beach days are nearly over. We all seem to kick into a different gear in September. Perhaps it’s time to concider the photography you will need for your marketing before you you get caught up in the resumed humdrum of business.

Autum is exhibition and conference season. You should use the last of the summer to commission you photography and marketing support video. As marketing professionals within photography we can help by applying our experience to help you crest the visuals you will need

 Www. Warnerphoto.org

When your Product is hard to see

 Posted on August 21, 2015      by admin

If you make small and delicate items like products for the biomedical industry, it’s hard for people to see the value of your product.  This is where specialised close-up photography is required.  To get the best results, you need specialised lighting equipment not generally available to most photographers.  A skilled and experienced corporate photographer .  Not only will understand your needs.  But he will create the images you need to show your skill and the value of your intellectual property.


In the era of point-and-shoot cameras this type of Photography relies on the old-fashioned skills of lighting, composition and product awareness.  If the photographer also has a background in marketing, particularly digital marketing.  Then he would be able to bring great value to your project.