If you love your childern

 Posted on February 1, 2016      by admin

If you love your children
If you pay tax in Ireland
If you drive a car in Dublin
you should read the article by James Sheehan in the Sunday business Post entitled 20 reasons why the Children’s Hospital should not be at St James.
It shows that a dreadful mistake is about to be made in the provision of a national Children’s Hospital ( at long last) on the campus of St James’s Hospital in Dublin.

There is a much more intelligent, well thought out, well resourced plan put forward by a man who was already built three hospitals in Ireland. Dr Jimmy Sheehan, a wonderful visionary of healthcare in Ireland outlines how millions upon millions of euros will be wasted in providing a substandard hospital in the substandard site all just for political reasons.
When the politicians visit us. Remember the promises are based on our taxes and our spending. Is it not right that they should be sculptured to meet our needs, not political goals.
Have a  look at this video which shows why the hospital should be on a greenfield site close to the M 50 in Dublin and accessible to a national audience.

We were pleased to work with Dr. Sheehan on this project