The World Around Us in 360 Degree Photography

 Posted on February 7, 2017      by Neil Warner

360 Degree Photography

If you visit Connemara on the west coast of Ireland you may come across a little cottage near the village of Rosmuc. It was here that the Irish patriot Patrick Pierce spent his summers , dreaming of a Republic. he wanted to remove the British who had ruled Ireland for 600 years. In 1916 he led a revolution which in its self was a failure, but started the process of establishing the Irish Republic.

In 2016, the Irish government opened an interpretive  centre in the shadow of the famous Pierce Cottage. We were privileged to be commissioned to photograph the building. We used the immersive 360 degree photography technology to give viewers a feeling of wonderful building and perhaps inspire them to visit the centre for themselves.
On the north end of the building there is a simple but very effective map of the area etched into the floor.