A little light helps

 Posted on January 11, 2016      by admin

Location Photography


As corporate photographers, we spend most of our time on location.  Recently when working in a brightly lit, ultramodern biomed plant.  I was unexpectedly asked to photograph a section of the plant with a recently installed heat treatment unit. Because most of the project had been anticipated as in available light shoot, I had not brought most my lighting gear in from my Jeep. so I just used a small  flash, which I connected with a radio -controlled slave unit, and in no time at all  I had a very attractive image from what otherwise would have been a very dull situation.

Thinking outside the box, occasionally can be very productive and in this case, save me considerable effort. I would otherwise have had to go to my Jeep but all my lighting gear on a trailer, wheel down the full length of the plant and then start into the often difficult position of trying to find power in the middle of a exceptionally busy plant.


Flying over the floods.

 Posted on December 30, 2015      by admin

While our  most of our clients were off enjoying their Christmas break we were flying to record the flooding in the west of Ireland. We shot over 500 images for our clients. As we flew a line from Tuam to Gort in Co Galway we were distressed to see the flooding visited of farmers in the area. Near gort we saw this chicken farm .  Pity the poor farmers. 


Heroes of the Storm

 Posted on February 27, 2014      by admin


It’s not often you get a chance to work with real heroes. Over the past few weeks, Ireland and the UK have been wrecked by a whole series of powerful storms. More than 150,000 homes in Ireland lost electrical supply. Continue reading “Heroes of the Storm”

Photographing Rolling Stock for Iarnrod Eireann – Ireland’s Rail Transport Provider

 Posted on April 22, 2013      by admin


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When Irish Rail introduced a new set of trains they needed a series of images for advertising and marketing. Neil Warner was commissioned to create a suite of images for the company. Continue reading “Photographing Rolling Stock for Iarnrod Eireann – Ireland’s Rail Transport Provider”