A little light helps

 Posted on January 11, 2016      by admin

Location Photography


As corporate photographers, we spend most of our time on location.  Recently when working in a brightly lit, ultramodern biomed plant.  I was unexpectedly asked to photograph a section of the plant with a recently installed heat treatment unit. Because most of the project had been anticipated as in available light shoot, I had not brought most my lighting gear in from my Jeep. so I just used a small  flash, which I connected with a radio -controlled slave unit, and in no time at all  I had a very attractive image from what otherwise would have been a very dull situation.

Thinking outside the box, occasionally can be very productive and in this case, save me considerable effort. I would otherwise have had to go to my Jeep but all my lighting gear on a trailer, wheel down the full length of the plant and then start into the often difficult position of trying to find power in the middle of a exceptionally busy plant.