The visitor experience for your company.

 Posted on February 17, 2014      by admin

Most companies experience a series of formal and informal visits to their business every year.  If, for instance you’re in the bio medical business, you regularly have visitors from your clients and perhaps regulatory authorities.  Each visitor wants to fundamentally understand your company, how it works.  Visitors enjoy seeing the   Manufacturing process. They also enjoy seeing the quality standards you apply to your production.  All of this can be an interference with the smooth running of the production facilities and occasionally could be dangerous to the visitor.

Recently we have had the pleasure of producing a series of plant visitor videos.  These are used by clients to show detailed part of their operation to the visitors without endangering the visitor and without interfering with a production. Continue reading “The visitor experience for your company.”

Award Winning Travel Photography

 Posted on December 27, 2013      by admin

grand canal masterpiece signedWhen FujiFilm established the masterpiece award, I felt that I had just the image for the competition,. The Grand Canal in Venice is well known to all travel photographers. If I could win the competition with a scene photographed thousands of times, then I could say that I can create some thing special.

This image also won a gold award at the Irish National Photographic awards organised by the IPPA . It also won a place in the travel photographer of the year book.

The following year I was pleased to win the title “British Travel and Landscape photographer of the Year or

Architectural Photography,Share my Experience

 Posted on August 5, 2013      by admin

2 poster-m

When NUIG asked me to photograph their new library extension building, they mentioned that they would like something dramatic. So I looked at the building and felt that is would look best at sunset. I set up my tripod and waited for the magical time. That’s when the lights of the building and the sky were of the same value. You spend an hour waiting for the shot, and when the time comes you just have a few minutes to get the shot.

warner NUIG-9112m

Earlier I had shot this image , as you can see the late evening warmth is kissing the building

warner NUIG-8956m

Much earlier in the day I shot this image as I was “getting to know” the building.

As you see, shooting a building means that you have to get a feeling for it, get to like it and befriend it.