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 Posted on February 17, 2014      by admin

Most companies experience a series of formal and informal visits to their business every year.  If, for instance you’re in the bio medical business, you regularly have visitors from your clients and perhaps regulatory authorities.  Each visitor wants to fundamentally understand your company, how it works.  Visitors enjoy seeing the   Manufacturing process. They also enjoy seeing the quality standards you apply to your production.  All of this can be an interference with the smooth running of the production facilities and occasionally could be dangerous to the visitor.

Recently we have had the pleasure of producing a series of plant visitor videos.  These are used by clients to show detailed part of their operation to the visitors without endangering the visitor and without interfering with a production.

By use of lean videoTechniques we have been able to greatly reduce the cost of video production.  This is meant that our clients have been able to commission multiple videos for use on their website and or their visitor meetings.

Recently one biomedical plant commissioned a video on their production process.  This was followed by a detailed video on their quality process. This consisted of plant operators explaining their part in maintaining quality standards in the production of the company’s products.

More recently, the same company commissioned a video which consisted of employees explaining what the company slogan ” made as if for the use of one of our family” meant in their attitude to the companies products principally artificial knees.  In this video program.  The production workers explain their attitude to the care and consideration.  They give their products.  A number of the interviewees mentioned friends and relatives who had benefited from the company’s product.  In one instance an operator spoke about receiving a artificial hip, which is manufactured by the company and the confidence she had and the quality of the prosthesis because she had seen it been manufactured to standards that she knew that all her colleagues had applied.

In this video we show the life cycle of a empty milk bottle and the recycling process that eventually leads it becoming part of an automobile or a photocopier.

Innova Polymers from Warner Corporate Photography on Vimeo .

Lean Video
Traditionally, video production required a crew of three people.  The producer, the sound technician and the cameraman.  We at Warner corporate photography have introduced a service called lean video.  By using lean management techniques that we have learnt  while filming a series of videos on lean technology and lean manufacturing, we have applied lean principles to video production.  By the use of a  lighting cameraman/director We have reduced the manpower required to produce corporate videos to a Crew of one.By investing in dslr Technology we have been able to produce broadcast quality video for a mere fraction of what it used to cost.

This process has been a success, and in the past year we have produced videos on everything from breast prosthesis to wind generators, and from the training of high-performance athletes to open-heart surgery.

Last year we shot projects ranging from medical subcomponent manufacture in Buffalo, New York to five-star hotels in St Peters burg, Russia. We have the experience, the background, and the technology to represent your ideas, your products, your company. With our marketing background and a prize-winning image making. We can provide you with first-class videos for use on your website, corporate presentations or  visitor centre. We would be pleased to discuss your idea with you and come back to you with a detailed presentation and costing that may make you smile.

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