Vietnam Nam Travel Photography, Share My Experience

 Posted on April 22, 2013      by admin


As a corporate photographer I get the chance to travel most of the world.  Recently I had the opportunity of shooting in Vietnam. Wonderful people.

In most countries you come across departments stores,however this street was like a miniature department store, 23 shops.  Each selling a different aspect of hardware.  I saw these two men at work. With a little vignette in the tiny pop of the small flashgun I felt I could make something really interesting. Just as I was ready to photograph a little light beam came in through the dust to the back of the store adding a vital component to of interest to this picture.

The Vietnamese people were probably the most engaging people I have ever come across.  I wouldn’t describe them as being poor.  They just don’t have much money.  However, they have a wonderful view of life and each one of them is a merchant a businessman, a banker.  Given the proper breaks these wonderful people will lead the East and perhaps the world.