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 Posted on April 21, 2013      by admin

Corporate Photography of High Tech treatment plant

If I was to tell you I really enjoyed an visit to a new Sewerage plant in the Irish midlands, you might think I am crazy. We have a slogan , “Images from Almost nothing”. This means the bigger the challenge, the bigger the victory.

When clients give you a project like this they have modest expectations as to what Images you can produce from a rather mundane subject.

For this image I lit the scene with three mains powered electronic flash units. I needed rather powerful flashes to give me a large wall of light and to enable me use a small aperture which in turn wound give me a large depth of field, the area of focus from the foreground to the background.

In the lab I used Photoshop to make a duplicate layer, converted it to Black and white and then using a layer mask cut away to reveal the figure in full colour.

Shiny Piping and operator
High Tech treatment plant