Some times you get a kick out of a project

 Posted on November 13, 2015      by admin


When delivering the final part of a project for a client of ours today I had an opportunity to meet with the directors of the company.

As always towards the end of the project.  I would ask the question ” Are you happy with the project” .  My client said to me that we had worked so closely on the project, he decided to show the videos to his wife and daughter to get an objective opinion.  His daughter remarked to her Dad ” You should show these videos to your parents, I think they will be very proud”.

What a lovely compliment for us to receive. Not only had we delivered the project as promised but our clients were very proud of our interpretation of their company.

I called out to see my clients today purely to tell them how much I enjoyed the project and how great the staff were to work with .  The project included two night shoots and one very interesting sequence that we shot from a car on the highway.  At all times we had received enthusiastic help from their staff who give up some of the busy time to assist me on the project. They are a company that really know customer service and it works its way down to the way they approach everything, even their way of working  with suppliers.

What a great crew, fun, enthusiastic, and hard working.